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Eliminate even those files that Windows can't.

If ever, when you tried to delete a certain file, the system has prevented such an action because it tells you the file will be damaged by an error of the same operating system or an unknown bug in Windows, do not despair, because in that case Nuker will become your great ally.

As you might be able to gather from its name, Nuker is a simple, practical and useful application designed exclusively to delete or remove definitively any file on the hard drive of your computer, no matter how difficult it is. The program will delete any files safely and quickly and with the minimum of fuss and bother.

No matter what type of file it is, even if it is or not running at the time, Nuker will remove even those files that the operating system itself does not or cannot, either by the action of a virus, an unknown error in Windows or because the file is found incomplete or damaged.

As you can see, after you have downloaded and installed Nuker on your computer, the program is very easy to handle. It has a graphical interface that’s simple and very intuitive, and perfect for any user, from novice to expert. Thus with just a few simple steps it will allow you to permanently delete the file that refuses to disappear from your hard drive. And all this for free! What are you waiting for?


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